Meet Beanobot

He helps you manage your e-commerce business remotely
Anytime, anywhere.

Install Beanobot in your Shopify store and you can get your updates over your favorite chat apps

Easy to install

Step 1: Install the Beanobot app in your Shopify store.
Step 2: Add @beanobot to your chat app.
Step 3: Chat!

Convenient Reports

Get order alerts, sales and inventory updates from @beanobot directly in your phone without having to logon to your store.

Analytics Made Easy

No more clicking on multiple reports to find out about your store's performance. Just ask @beanobot to tell you what you need to know.

Conversational Analytics

Get insights about your store without having to log in

Any time you need to know what's going on in your store, just text your question to @beanobot in your chat app and get an answer immediately

  • "How much sales did I make this week?"
  • "What are my top 10 bestsellers for the month?"
  • "Show me all the products with inventory between 1 and 10"
  • And many more questions you could ask @beanobot..
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Manage orders on the move

Just shipped a delivery? Update your orders in a single command

Update orders, issue refunds by simply instructing @beanobot on what orders you want updated.

It's that easy!

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More integrations coming soon!

Connect to the chat app of your choice

Chat with @beanobot over Facebook Messenger, Slack and even text messages.
Future support for Telegram, WeChat and other e-commerce platforms will be added later on.

Our Pricing Plans
Our Integrations

Platforms we support

Our hellobeano service will be releasing integrations to Shopify and Facebook's Messenger first.
Future integrations into Slack, WooCommerce and other platforms will be coming at a later date.


The Starter, Standard and Enterprise Plans

All of our pricing plans come with a 1 week free trial.


$9/ user monthly

  • Perfect for e-commerce stores that are just starting out
  • 1 chat integration
  • 50 messages
  • 5 report export requests
  • Standard support

$15/ user monthly

  • For small to midsize teams on the go with growing reporting needs
  • Unlimited chat integrations
  • 300 messages
  • 50 report export requests
  • Standard support

$20/ user monthly

  • For large size teams that need to stay connected to their data, even without wi-fi
  • Unlimited chat + SMS integrations
  • Unlimited messages
  • Unlimited report export requests
  • Standard and in-chat support
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The hellobeano service will be launching on 1 November 2017.
Register your interest now and get a 10% discount off your first year's subscription!

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